IJͼ has been rewarding scholarships for study since 1967.

Currently, IJͼ partners with the to jointly fund American students pursuing post-baccalaureate study in the United Kingdom, and with the to support postgraduate Fulbright awards for students in the UK wishing to study in the US.

Please note that IJͼ does not accept individual applications for scholarship support. Interested students should apply to the and Scholarship programs directly.

Scholar Spotlights


Jackie Wan

2020-2021 IJͼ-Fulbright Scholar

Jackie holds BA and BS degrees in Healthcare Practice (Psychosocial Interventions) from Kingston University and St. George’s University in London. She is a mental health nurse with over twelve years’ nursing experience, and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Investigation at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. The focus of her graduate study is mental health care provision for deaf patients, with an emphasis on qualitative research methodology, data management and analysis, and health care research.  During her year in the US she has been working alongside specialists in the field who are conducting high quality research with deaf students. Her long range goal when she returns to the UK is to become a clinical academic in the field of mental health and deafness, assuming a leadership position on the national level with regard to standards of care.

ASutton photo.jpg

Anne Sutton

2020-2022 IJͼ-Marshall Scholar

Anne is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and is working toward a Bachelor of Music degree at the Royal Academy of Music in London. A talented and accomplished soprano, Anne has already compiled an impressive resume as a concert performer and done extensive research in the field of early music, concentrating on the works of Baroque composers like Monteverdi, Handel, Bach, and Purcell. Her studies as well as musical activities at the Royal Academy reflect these accomplishments and interests. Since arriving in the UK she has sung virtually with the Academy’s Bach Consort and Chamber Orchestra in a performance of Handel’s “Dixit Dominus” and with the Academy Opera in a production of Britten’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” She hopes ultimately to embark upon a career as a performer and also as a designer and director of operas.    


Mitchell Herrmann

2016-18 IJͼ-Marshall Scholar

Mitchell is a 2016 graduate of Oberlin College, and is a established composer with an impressive background in the field of electro acoustic musical composition. During his first year in the UK, Mitchell studied music composition and media art at the University of Manchester, which culminated in a series of artistic residencies and exhibitions in Cyprus and Germany. Mitchell is now pursuing an M.A. in Contemporary Art Theory at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University in London. His current course is centered around the European tradition of the philosophy of art. He expects to complete a six-month artist's residence and exhibition at the Braunschweig University of Art in Germany after concluding his studies in the UK.



2017-18 IJͼ-Fulbright Scholar

Dominic is a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of Michigan. He holds a B.A. Honors in psychology from Cambridge University and completed his M.Phil degree in psychology, also from Cambridge, in 2016. His primary academic interest concerns the degree to which variations between and within mathematics aptitude scores can be explained by gender differences, and what this means for the accurate assessment of latent cognitive variables. Building upon his M.Phil research - which synthesized datasets of mathematics examination results over fifteen years - Dominic's current studies will use experimental social psychological methods to explore gender disparities.